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At Studio Infinitum™, Emotion in Motion is more than just a tagline. It is our approach to every project we take on. Our aerial perspective adds a thrilling dimension to any production, and we are proud of our ability to capture breathtaking footage from above. Our small team of experienced operators listens to your needs and executes to the highest standard. We strive for excellence regardless of the scope or scale of the project and promise to deliver creative, effective solutions that put the emotion in motion.

Oliver Compton with dji inspire 3
Oliver Compton

Chief Pilot

millie cossou with dji inspire 3
Millie Cossou

Head of Production

Aerial Camera Operator

izzie Evans with dji inspire 3
Izzie Evans

Drone Pilot, Camera Operator and Technician


Licenses and Approvals

New Zealand Civil Aviation Part 102

We are Part 102 certified in New Zealand for commercial unmanned aerial system operations. 


This means we have specific conditions to work outside the scope of Part 101 operators which include flying over people (conditions apply), property overflight without consent*, operating in low flying zones (LFZ), flying at night, permission to fly above 400ft (120m) and flying within 4km of aerodromes.

We produce detailed preflight documents for every project we are engaged with, covering everything from preflight checklist, job safety analysis, hazard mitigations, relevant airspace authorisations, airspace maps, weather report, NOTAM's if relevant and credentials.


All the above privileges are exercised with standard auditing and in accordance with the Civil Aviation Approved Infinitum Group Limited Unmanned Aircraft Operator Manual.

CAA Certificate Number: UAOC96282

Federal Aviation Administration Part 107

We are Part 107 certified in the United States for commercial unmanned aerial system operation. 


FAA Certificate Number: 4337662

Civil Aviation Part 102 Explained

Part 101 is a New Zealand Civil Aviation Rule that addresses the immediate safety risks associated with the use of unmanned aircraft systems. In New Zealand all drones are classed as aircraft, therefore any use of drones must obey by Civil Aviation Law.

Part 102 is a New Zealand Civil Aviation Rule that enables UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) operations that cannot be performed within the Part 101 rules. 

For a Part 102 Operating Certificate, we have procedures that cover the following topics:​

  • Identifying the hazards to people, property, and other aircraft when conducting flight operations, with documented assessments of the risks associated with each hazard, and measures to mitigate or manage these risks.

  • Understanding airspace and following correct procedures for requesting authorisation to operate in restricted areas.

  • Publishing details about our aerial systems and the control systems used to pilot them, as well as maintenance procedures and methods to ensure continued airworthiness.

  • Maintaining indelible operator identification on each Infinitum Group aircraft

  • Documenting pre-flight, inflight and post-flight procedures.

  • Continued Pilot and Ground Crew competency by ongoing flight assessments and annual reviews.


For full details and rates, please get in touch with us at

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